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This link is for people not partipating in the Masters Championship



NOTE:   Online Registartions will end on midnight, April 26, but you may stillregister on

Saturday and Sunday onsite.



~  Click below to register  ~




You must be Age 40 plus on 4/30 with current USATF Membership to be eligiable to compete.


You may also register at the Estate on Sunday


NOTE:  No day-of-event entry for the National Masters Championship Division. .


Current List of athletes entered in the USATF 10K National Masters Championship.  




 REGISTRATION or pick up of your chip-embedded bib and tee shirt pick-up


PLEASE NOTE:  If you are having a friend pick up your number on Saturday you MUST present a signed letter from you permitting this.


 (4/29)   Noon to 6 PM. Endicott Estate, 656 East Street, Dedham.

Registration and number will in the event tent for your pick-up at the Endicott Estate.                            


On SUNDAY, (4/30)  8:30 AM - 10:30 AM.  You may also register on race day,

Endicott Estate, 656 East Street, Dedham.


Please note:   B E  E A R LY !


Ample parking will be available on the Estate grounds if you arrive early. Otherwise use on street parking in the adjacent neighborhood with consideratation of residents.


Race day registration is $45.00. All entry fees are non refundable. Credit for following year may be extended if there is a medical issue accompanied with documentation.



James Joyce


By Staff Tuesday, March 30, 2010For 27 years the most famous literary running event in the country has been known for bringing theatre and a certain fine arts sensibility to the sport. Beginning in 1989 the Ramble added to its mission the effort to make
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