April 24, 2022 Results

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Hosting the 2022 USATF National Masters 10k Championship 
The race is conducted on an historic, engaging,  closed-to-trafffic, certified 6.2 mile course with the support of dozens of public safety officers and two hundred volunteers. Entry fees are priced to enable the average person to participate while not compromising the quality, integrity and security of the event. 
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~  2022 USATF National Masters 10 km Championship  ~

There is $10,000 in prize money offered with the 2022 USATF National Masters 10K Championship.
USA Masters 10 km - Prize Structure

Participants must have a current 2022 USATF membership prior to the race to be eligible for prize funds.

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Endicott Estate

Volunteer.   jjramblestaff@gmail.com

Course Joycean

The Ramblers will begin their journey at the Endicott Estate.

  • Begin at Boulevard intersection and run North on East Street.
  • Left on High Street to Dedham Square. (1 mile)
  • Left on Court Street by the Norfolk Superior Courthouse.
  • Right on Highland Street (first hill).
  • Right on Lowder Street (2 mile).
  • Right on Rt. 109  (3 mile before Charles River ).
  • Left to on to the Noble Greenough campus (rolling hills)
  • Right on Pine Street (4 mile).
  • Straight on Ames Street over Charles River again (5 mile).
  • Left on High Street back through Dedham Square. 
  • Right to return on East Street  (6 mile)
  • Ending in front of the Estate.

View Endicott Estate on map

Be sure to check out our course highlights page for information on Spectator Venues, Joyce Readings, Viewing Times and photos of Dedham Landmarks.

Restrictions and the usual common sense rules

This is a large, serious competitive athletic event therefore;.

Absolutely no baby joggers, in-line skates or unauthorized bikes will be tolerated on the course during the event. This is a matter of grave public safety. Violators will not be allowed to proceed in the race.

If you compete wearing headphones and place for prize money, you may be disqualified subject to rules by USATF.

This is all in compliance with national rules of USATF, which is the sanctioning authority of the James Joyce Ramble 10 km.

No dogs are allowed on the Endicott Estate grounds per order of the town of Dedham for liability reasons. We love dogs, but not in large crowds of people. Sorry.  

(The avid lover of dogs race director is available to dog-sit though not on Ramble weekend).

Post Race Awards & Soiree

The Awards Ceremony will commence at around 12:30 p.m.

As usual, there will be a host of refreshments and food offerings at the Ramble Post-Race Soiree on the Estate lawn. Our thanks to Blue Ribbon Barbeque and Jacks Abby Brewing among others.

Please bring photo identification for consumption of adult beverages.