Security Advisory

We deeply grieve, but stand tall to honor the victims of last week’s events. We are Americans and will not cower in evil’s face.
On the lawn of the Edicott Estate and the race course on Dedham roads, many of us will come together for the first time since the Boston Marathon and no doubt tearly hug each other taking a moment for those whose lives are no more, or tragically affected by these acts of of madness.
We have  significantly upgraded our security plans and ask that you work with us to provide an anxiety-free event.  Even with the commendable results delivered by law enforcement in Watertown, we are in a higher level of alert than we were last Monday morning. Remember there is still an investigation underway.
No unattended bags on the Estate or in the nearby neighborhoods.  We will have security personnel sweeping the entire Endicott neighborhood for this.
No baggage check-ins will be available this year.  We ask that you use your vehicles for this or if you come with a running club, use their facility.  If you are coming on public transit see Ramble staff and we may be able to help.  
Photo ID for beer.  You ill be issued a wrist bracelet if you choose to have a beer or two after the race.  Be sure to bring one.
We of course really need your cooperation and ask that you stay keenly alert as we all should be doing in the course of our everyday lives. It is sad about it becoming that kind of world.
There will only be bag check-in if you are running in the championship and have been vetted by USATF. 
If you have the heart to be with us next week,we really do need your help and it’s a fun crew. Tell your friends. Please email [email protected]
Will will work very hard to honor those we have lost and the many terribly affected.  We hope that you will feel the need to do that as well, but share that act with others sometime soon.
We are together in this not as Americans, as human beings.
Take care,

Information on USATF National Masters 10K Championship

Please email us at [email protected] if you wish to cover the James Joyce Ramble for a media organization or on a freelance basis.

Venue for the event:
The Endicott Estate
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Let us Know:

  • How to contact you by phone.
  • What your pre-event interview needs are with event staff or runners.
  • If you are requesting a place in the media truck to cover the competition on the course.

Your credentials may be picked up on the morning of the event beginning at 8:00 a.m. on April 28, 2023 at the Endicott Estate.

Race director contact: 781.367.7103